Monday, February 9, 2009

Some blog tech tips

Good job on the great posts so far.  I thought I would point out a couple of details about the blogger platform that would add to the look of your posts:
  1. Use hyperlinks when referring to a webpage.  Highlight the text that you want to use as the hyperlink, and then click on this button in the Blogger "Compose" panel: .  Now you paste the web address of the webpage into the window that pops up.  You should always use this method to reference other webpages if you refer to them or use their information.
  2. If you quote from a webpage, use this button to start an indented quote section: .  This is a standard practice in the blogosphere.
  3. Want to make a fancy bulleted or numbered list?  Use one of these buttons:  
  4. And as some of you have already realized, using images in your posts is a great idea.  Not always necessary, and try not to be gratuitous, but they can really jazz things up.  This button will allow you to upload a picture from your computer, or use a picture directly from another webpage: 
  5. This last tip is not about tech.  Be sure to proof your posts as I am noticing a few typos and grammatical errors creeping in.  A good rule is to wait 15 minutes after writing something to proof it, or have a friend look it over for you.


  1. Dr. Posner,
    I was wondering if there was a way to be notified when someone comments on a blog post you wrote?

  2. Yes, there is. Go to the "comments" tab in the dashboard, and at the bottom you will find a box where you can enter email addresses so that any comments are sent to you. You can enter up to ten addresses in the box. These will not be comments on just your post, but on the entire blog.

    You can also use the "email" tab to send email alerts when new posts are written.

    It is probably a good idea to add all of your team members in each of these two spots. Let me know how that works.

    One more thing. You can find the RSS feed for any single blog post at the bottom of that individual post page. You can use this URL in google reader to follow comments on one single post.