Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The blogs are live

Congrats on getting your blogs up and going.  I think their names alone will draw some interest.
Here are the links to your blogs:
Add them to your Google Reader accounts so that you can keep up with the latest posts.  They are also part of the blogroll on this blog.

As a reminder, here are your assignments for the coming week:
  1. Add the two posts that you wrote in the past week to your new blog.  Trickle them in during the week as you planned in class today.
  2. If you have not done so already, email me the URL for your blog, or leave it as a comment to this post.
  3. Leave comments on at least two posts from the course blogs.  Try to add something to the post - don't just say "hey, nice post."
  4. Come to class next week with two new post ideas.  In class I asked you to write a new post - BUT INSTEAD, I would like you to think of two ideas for future posts that you can share with the class.  YOU DO NOT NEED to write the posts themselves.
  5. Read the new handout on science writing.  Try using the advice you have been reading when thinking about blog ideas or how you might write your next post.
And lastly, one Blogger tip - if you want to cut and paste your writing into the "post writing" window in Blogger, you have to use the "Edit Html" tab.  Notice that at the top of the window where you write your posts there are two tabs - "Compose" and "Edit Html".  The "Compose tab lets you change fonts, add hyperlinks, etc.  But to cut and paste in any text you need to use the "Edit Html" tab, and then switch back to "Compose" for the other features.

Have fun and leave comments if you are having any technical, or other, issues.  I will leave some additional posts this week on some of the settings you can tweak with Blogger.

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