Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another week, another post(s)

Great start on your blogs and nice discussion of science writing this past Wednesday.  I am especially impressed with luring Dr. Isis to leave comments on two of your posts, and your continuing debate on chiropracty.

In addition to some catch up for some of you on your posting and commenting, here are your assignments for this coming week:
  1. Write one more post this week (added to your blog).  This should be a longer post (still less than 800 words).  But not just a short reference to something.  You can develop one of the ideas you shared in class this past week, or do something different.  Try to incorporate the science writing ideas we talked about this past week.
  2. Leave comments on at least two posts from the other course blogs.
  3. Next week we will start assembling a list of what every well-educated biologist should know.  Before next week's class make note of at least 10 items that you think should go on that list.
  4. Check back in a day or so for a reading assignment for next week.
And Happy Darwin Day!

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