Saturday, March 26, 2011

Presentations and videos

Flip UltraHD Video Camera - Black 8 GB 2 hours Newest ModelWe have two primary projects left this semester - your group videos and individual powerpoint presentations.  We will not meet in class this coming Wednesday because of the student research and scholarship symposium going on all day that day, but I would like you to do some preparation for both of these projects prior to our next class on April 6th:

  1. Write one blog post on some topic that challenged you on the assessment test.  Use this as an opportunity to learn more about a topic in Biology that you think you should know better.  This post is due on April 1st.
  2. Check out the science communication page on our AU wiki, and watch the Talking Science video by April 6th.  There are also lots of other good resources on this page for designing powerpoint and poster presentations.
  3. Take notes on two presentations from the CAS symposium on March 30th indicating what you thought was done well and what could be done better.  The talks you critique can be from any discipline - they do not have to be science talks.  Be ready to discuss your observations when we are back in class on April 6th.  You can find the schedule for symposium talks here.
  4. Work with your video project to decide on a topic for your project and discuss initial plans.  Be prepared to discuss this on April 6th.
See you at the Symposium.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get busy recording

Here is a quick reminder of your upcoming assignments:

  • Email me a current script/outline/plan for your audio recording by this Friday
  • Fill in a title for your project on the google doc sign up page
  • Sign up for a time when you need a recorder as well

Audio projects are now due on Wednesday, March 23rd.  You should have all of your needed audio by March 16th and have tried some editing so that we can discuss any technical issues.

Good luck and have a great break.  Check back with the blog over the next week or so as I may throw some reading/listening at you.