Saturday, February 19, 2011

Story structure analysis, planning audio projects

Script from Office Hours
In this week's class we will take some time to talk more about story structure and plan for your audio projects.  To prepare for class:

  • Choose one of the class blog posts from the past week that you think did a good job of following the three act story telling structure we talked about in class (do not pick your post).  Take notes on how that specific post followed this story structure and be ready to share this information with the class on Wednesday.  Your notes should explain how each act is reflected in that post.  I will not collect these in class, but be sure they are detailed enough for you to walk the class through the post you are analyzing.
  • Work with your audio project partner to come up with your project idea, or at least develop a short list of ideas.  Be ready to share this in Wednesday's class.
  • If you have not emailed me with the name of your audio project partner, add this information to the audio project sign-up google document using the link that I emailed to you.
I would like to push the final audio project due date to after spring break - March 16th.  We will talk more about the technical aspects of doing this project in this week's class.

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