Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preparing for audio and video projects

I have been very impressed with your first round of posts.  They have been entertaining, informative and engaging.

For this next week I would like you to do some preparation for a guest speaker coming to class.  Dr. Jay Hosler, a Professor of Biology from Juniata College in Pennsylvania, will be coming to Ashland to give a talk on his new Evolution graphic novel Tuesday, February 8th at 4pm in Kettering 112.  The next day Dr. Hosler will come to our class with AU journalism professor Tim McCarty to talk about storyboarding, science communication, and video design.  Over the following weeks you will use these discussions and your new-found audio editing skills in your team audio and video projects.

Here are some resources for next week:

And to get you thinking about how a science audio project might sound, check out some science stories from NPR.

And lastly, your group will need a platform for discussing and planning your projects.  Now that you all have Google accounts have someone on your team start a google documents page that you can all add to.  After starting the page you will need to share it with the other members of your group.


  1. Is his new book already available? Is it feasible to have him bring any copies to purchase at the talk?

  2. You can buy it on Amazon, and I have asked Dr. Hosler about selling them at his talk. Last time he came the Bookstore did a sale and book signing.

  3. Nice. Well hopefully he chooses to do this again.

  4. Hi Mason and Shane,
    I'm afraid I won't have an copies of the new book with me. I haven't gotten my comp copies from the publisher yet. Sorry. I can bring a copy for you to look at,but that isn't really the same is it...? I look forward to my visit!