Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Science writing and audio editing

Now that your blogs are set up and you've done some reading around the science blogosphere it is time to take these things out for a spin.  I would like you to use this week's blog post as a way to incorporate some of the science writing tips you read about over the last week.  Write a post for your blog (300-500 words) about any science related topic.  At the end of that post add one more paragraph explaining how you attempted to incorporate the writing tips we mentioned in class today.  Here is the blog post I mentioned today on

There are a few other things to do in addition to writing your post:

  • Sign up for a Google Reader account and add all of our course blogs and any other blogs you like so that you can follow new posts
  • Leave at least one comment on one of the course blogs
  • Use Audacity to play with the audio file that I email to you.  Produce a re-mix of that audio file that changes the order of the dialog.  All AU campus computers should have Audacity on them, or you can download it to your computer for free.  Email the final product of your editing to me as an mp3 file.
  • We will take a break from reading the Olson book this week.
Feel free to email me or Mike Randolph with any technical questions about Audacity.

And one quick blogging tech tip - instead of showing the actual URL for a website in your blog, make it a hyperlink from the name of the website or online resource, as I have done in the post above.  To do that simply click and drag to highlight the text in your post that will be the link and click on this button:

Have fun.

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