Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome to our central blog

This will be a place where I can post information about class, links to online content and eventually links to your blogs.  It was great to hear about your diverse interests today and I am looking forward to good discussions with all of you.
Remember to bring your completed survey with you next week and be prepared to discuss the reading from Science in Public.
I thought I would give you a couple of links to get you started poking around the science blogosphere:
  • ScienceBlogs is a collection of science bloggers (duh) organized by the Seed Media Group, a publishing house that produces the great science magazine Seed
  • And in a bout of shameless self-promotion, here is the link to my blog, A Fish Eye View
Remember to check back to this space, as I hope to post every couple of days.


  1. Re: Sea Kittens

    Overfishing has destroyed many marine ecosystems, but it is the economic incentive that fishing provides that will likely fund the research and work to restore them. What nature gives, she demands back...

  2. Unfortunately, being cute is not enough to save you in this harsh world.

  3. Hey I love kittens... it would make me not want to fish... but I don't really fish in the first place...