Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding good science blogs

While a relatively small fraction of the million of blogs on the web are science blogs, there are still a lot to look through.  Here are a few ideas for finding them:
  1. Use a blog search engine like Blogsearch or Technorati.
  2. Check out some science blog aggregators like the Nature Blog Network, Blog for Darwin, and of course ScienceBlogs.  The first two are sites that you can register with that will show your blog posts, essentially advertising your blog for you.  The third is an invite only site that, I think, pays its bloggers.
  3. Click on links in the blogrolls of the blogs that you read.  These are lists that run along the right or left side of a blog that link to other blogs.  You can quickly surf your way through dense networks of blogs, and you may notice the web cliques that people belong too.
I look forward to seeing what you find.  Be sure to add the good ones to your google reader account.

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