Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let the blogging begin

Blogging 101
Now that you have set up your blogs it's time to add some content.  Before you practice the art of communicating science to the public I would like you to do some exploring on the science blogosphere.  Your assignment for next week is to identify the two best science blogs that you find during the week and add a post to your own blog with links to these sites and descriptions of what you liked about them.  How does each blog handle the tension between accuracy and style that we discussed in class today?

How do you find science blogs?  You can start with the blogroll on the right of this page, and then use the links on successive blogs to find even more.  Be sure that at least one of the blogs you use in your post is not currently on the blogroll to the right.  This is an individual assignment, so each of you should add your own post to your group blogs.

Now for the technical stuff:
  • Here is a YouTube video on posting to Blogger.
  • Be sure to proof your posts.  There is no reason for typos.
  • Use hyperlinks to link directly to other webpages.  The video above will show you how.
  • Got questions?  Leave them as a comment below to this post and I will answer them here.  Be sure to check back for the answers.
We will be looking over your posts in next week's class and discussing the following readings:
Good luck and contact me if you are having technical issues.

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