Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Assignments for the week

During our next two meeting times you will be taking the assessment test.  All you need to bring to class with you is a pencil (OK, I will be bringing some too if you forget).

But there is some blogging and online discussion to do before then.

  1. Write one blog post on anything scientific that interests you.  Practice using some of the communication strategies we have been discussing.  Your goal is to inform a non-scientist about something scientific that you find interesting.  When you are done, test out your post by getting some non-science friends to read it.
  2. Write one short blog post that links to some piece of science video out on the web.  Many of you said that you thought video was an excellent way to communicate science, and if you look you will find a growing number of bloggers and science sites using video.  Find one that you like and either link to it or embed it in your blog.  If you don't find one that you like, write a short post linking to something else that you like.
  3. Think about possible topics for your own 60 second videos.  One possibility - a video on research being done by faculty and students in Kettering.
  4. Look for a new list of student blogs on the right and feel free to post comments there.
  5. Read or Re-read Randy Olson's chapter 3 - Don't Be Such a Bad Storyteller and look for a discussion question about it on this blog in the next couple of days.

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